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Our deckover models range in capacity from 4.4 ton all the way to a 25 ton! These models are available from a 96" wide deck to the maximum 102" wide deck.

Medium Duty Deckover Trailer:

HTMBK - 4.4 ton capacity
(former HSE18-8'wide)

Medium Duty Deckover Trailer:

HTMBH - 6 ton capacity

HTMBG - 7 ton capacity

(former HSE18-8'wide)

Medium Duty Deckover W/ Frame Upgrade:

HTHBH - 6 ton capacity

HTHBG - 7 ton capacity

(former HT18)

Heavy Duty Tri-Axle Deckover:

HTR18 - 9 Ton capacity

Heavy Duty Tandem Dual Deckover:

HTD18B - 15 Ton capacity

Heavy Duty Airbrake Deckover:

HTD18A - 20 Ton capacity

Heavy Duty Tri-Axle Airbrake Deckover:

HLA25 - 25 Ton Capacity

Heavy Duty Airbrake Deckover:

HDDFZ - 25 Ton Capacity

Medium Duty Lowboy Deckover:

HS14 - 6 Ton Capacity

HS14 - 7 Ton Capacity

Heavy Duty Lowboy Deckover:

HS16 - 9 Ton Capacity

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